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Here are the best tools to brainstorm and generate names.

PanaBee has a clever engine that combines keywords and wordplays. We really like how it shows the formula used to generate the name.

It can also check names in social networks and app stores.

Bust-A-Name has a great domain maker tool perfect for adding popular words to your keyword.

After compiling a list of names you can move to the domain search tool and find similar available names.

LeanDomainSearch is all about words. Their engine compiles lists of popular search trends that you can easily integrate with your keyword.

We really like their sorting options and their simple but efficient design.

Wordoid is the place to go to generate made up words and wordplays from your keyword.

We really like how they look beyond the English language to create their “wordoids”.

Registering generated names are for those with low expectations and budget. The best is already on the market.


We choose our approved sites just as carefully as we choose our domains.

If you want to dive into the world of domains and learn everything there is to know about the business this is the place.

Michael Cyger will guide you through tons of resources and casual video interviews with people who run the industry.

What is the first thing you should do when you are getting ready to aquire something?

You should compare!

NameBio is a database of historical domain sales. It can help you pay a relevant price for your new domain.

When making a domain investment a good idea is to keep an eye on todays market.

At you can study daily domain deals being made in a fun, personal and easily digested way.

Don’t EVER make an investment without the security of a middle man handling the payment.

With Escrow as a saftey net, the seller will not be able to run away with your money until after you confirmed the transaction.

A good way of knowing what to do is to get into the minds of those in the domain industry.

Morgan Linton is a successful domain investor who, through his blog, shares his knowledge gathered from years of experience.

Keep your domains in a safe place!

Reneweing, Transfering, Forwarding, Managing your domain can take up a lot time.

At NameBright this is as easy and efficient as it gets.

Would you buy a car without knowing it’s history? It’s the same with domains.

At DomainIQ you can find out who the previous owner (or owners) was of a domain. An important valuation factor.

We guarantee that dealing with these sites will keep you informed, happy and satisfied.